Roblox Grocery Gang Wiki

The Grocery Gang Wiki is a fun and safe place and we want to ensure everyone feels this way, so please read these rules before making a page/commenting on pages.

  1. Impersonating a Grocery Gang member is not allowed.
  2. Avoid from making a page on a player unrelated to Grocery Gang or is an unofficial member.
  3. Avoid from posting anything unrelated to Grocery Gang.
  4. Do not post offsite links that are unrelated to Grocery Gang.
  5. Do not spam or vandalize any pages, you will be warned or blocked if you do.
  6. Harassing or Bullying anyone on this wiki is strictly not allowed.
  7. Spreading rumors or false information is not tolerated.
  8. Refrain from using profanity while creating and/or updating a page.
  9. Follow the page creation guide the best you can, if you need any assistance please ask one of the admins.