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The Doodad is an entity that first debuted inside Filthco. By the way it has acted so far, it is assumed to be evil/a monster. It has been claimed that the Doodad can "corrupt" people's minds.


Doodad appears as a cube with 100% reflectance bearing the default ROBLOX face, similar to LORD. Uniquely, he also has a collar around him, with the tag displaying "DOODAD."


Doodad to date has shown aggressive behaviors, also being cited to be able to corrupt people's minds, which may mean that the Doodad is a monster. The appearance having a collar may also mean that it could be a pet.

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Doodad’s Official Roblox Profile


  • It is unknown where on the Caste system Doodad lay, but it may be on the monsters/pets side, for being aggressive most of the time it's onscreen, and its collar.
  • Doodad is a term used to mean "a gadget or other object whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall." It is unknown if this bears any importance to the entity's origin, use or function.
  • Doodad has a very similar appearance to LORD, with the only differences being that it is a cube, and it has a collar.
  • There is a corresponding ROBLOX player named "DO0D4D." It is assumed that this is the account that controls Doodad.
  • He has been described to love milk according to filthco.
  • Doodad has been seen to speak in Icelandic. His only messages that have been seen in English were "BELLY MAN" and "NOOOOOOOO."
  • Bricky_Little stated that "we see lots of creatures out in country side, but doodad, well, he-" before being cut off. This may mean that Doodad is from the countryside, and has been stated as a "creature."