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”我想吃掉你的大脑” - 74j (Translates to “I want to eat your brain” in Chinese)

74j (previously known as 12345666666) is a myth who is one of the most well known Grocery Gang members.


74j is one of the 18 members of the Grocery Gang and the creator of the game "make a friend," where you give an entity named LORD spheres with faces on them called "friends." He got terminated on an unknown date for unknown reasons. He created a new account called 74j where he recreated make a friend. On November 21st, 2019, he was married to another member of the Grocery Gang named "TIPPYSHIP."


  • 74j's main account was previously known as 12345666666 before that account got terminated.
  • He's the secondary leader of Grocery Gang.
  • He usually interacts a lot with people in his game, "make a friend".
  • 74j claims that "LORD" is our savior, and tells people to feed him.
  • 74j and TlPPYSHIP used to be married.
  • 74j can speak perfect English, unlike the rest of the Grocery Gang members
  • mrflimflam has pointed out that, so far, 74j is "seemingly" the most normal member of the Grocery Gang.
  • 74j is also part of the Kirche Family, along with Fiddlepat.

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